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Purchasing & Returns

Should I need a prescription to buy medications?

Yes, in order to buy prescription medication from American Online Pharmacy, you will need a prescription written by a doctor who is licenced to practice medicine in your state and who is located in your area. Or, our in-house licenced doctor would be able to prescribe your medicines via a phone consultation.

What should I do if I am unable to locate a hard copy of my prescription?

In the event that you do not currently possess a physical copy of your prescription, you will be required to obtain one from your attending physician. Without a valid prescription, you will not be able to acquire any medication. Or, you can book an appointment with our Inhouse doctor.

How do I go about getting my medication refilled?

Please follow the instructions on our page for refilling prescriptions in order to have your medication refilled.

I need to call in my prescription right away. How do I make an order for my prescription when the pharmacy is closed?

You can make an order for the medication that you need to be prescribed to you by sending us an email, faxing us, or uploading your prescription to our website.

What should I do if the prescription I received was incorrect, or if the dosage was incorrect?

If you have any questions or concerns about the medication you are taking, please contact customer service as soon as possible at the toll-free number +1-715-578-5854.

Product Questions

Why is it necessary for you to have my height and weight when I sign up for an account?

Because these factors will influence the amount of medication that is prescribed to you, it is essential that you provide accurate information about your height and weight. When you are creating your account, please check to make sure that the information you input is correct.

What kind of assurances can you give me that my privacy will be respected?

We have designed a system to ensure that all of your personal information is kept private and safe at all times since protecting your safety and your right to privacy is one of our highest priorities.

We are dedicated to adhering to the stringent guidelines established by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of the United States of America. Further details are available on our Privacy Policy page.

What steps can I take to guarantee the safety of my financial transactions and purchases?

Your confidentiality and the protection of your personal information are our primary concerns at We encourage you to go through our Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy so that you may gain a better understanding of how we keep your information secure.


How do I make a purchase?

Options for making a purchase will be presented to you before you submit your order. Get in touch with us if you have any inquiries.

When should I expect my refund?

Review our return policy before placing an order.

Can I send money via electronic transfer or wire transfer to pay for my medication?

No. We accept all major debit and credit card , PayPal and Crypto payments.

Could I use crypto currency to pay for my medication?

Yes. You will get choices to choose from during checkout.

Order Delivery & Acceptance

What is American Online Pharmacy return policy?

Kindly go through our Shipping & Cancellation policy page.

Recall policy of American Online Pharmacy

All affected, pharmacy partners will within 24 hours of receiving informed of a recall notice from a manufacturer or supplier:

  • Verify if the recall affects any products currently in stock.
  • In order to see if the recalled product has been sold before, check purchase orders placed within the last three months or within the time range specified on the recall notice.
  • Verify that all outstanding orders in transit are for non-recalled merchandise by checking the lot numbers and expiration dates.
  • If has a recalled product in stock, our pharmacy vendors in the United States must remove it from shelves and arrange for its return to the manufacturer or supplier without delay.
  • The importance of informing patients about possible drug recalls
  • will work with its network of affiliated pharmacies to give you with return instructions for recalled products and psychosocial support if you’re having problems with your medicine.
  • partners will compile a list of patients who may have received the recalled product once they have received notification of the recall from the appropriate authorities.

Each patient will be contacted by American Online Pharmacy via telephone to inform them of the recall and to confirm whether or not they are in possession of the recalled product.

Three separate phone calls will be made and messages left for the patient to call In addition, the patient will receive an email from informing them of the recall.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Contact American Online Pharmacy

How can I Contact American Online Pharmacy?

On the “Contact Us” page, you’ll find all of our contact information, including our phone numbers, fax number, and email and postal addresses.

Can I get some guidance and possibly talk to someone over the phone about my symptoms?

Yes. If your are seeking medical advice, it is imperative that you contact our Inhouse licenced physicians. Either you can talk over the phone or schedule a booking and meet them in your locality. We have partnered with numbers of doctors in the United States.

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